The Oxy Moron of the Oxy Moron, things you should do on radio , but we do it anyway.

KTOW FM 105.7

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As I was just posting on LinkedIn, Its ironic that KLIX is now in the same house as KEEP was back in the day. The all only TALK format for both stations really has killed radio in our valley , something that I and the Knytes are busting balls to fix. During Christmas time each year we did this comic bit, riding the coat tails of the Chipmunks, aka the three little varmits of children’s musical memories. We called ourselves the Klix-Munks. What we did, when reel-to-Reel open tape decks were in vogue at a radio station, we’d go in and sing a few carols. Then using two decks we’d speed one up a bit so it sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks aka-the KLIXMUNKS. One year we cut a 45rpm record and sold it through then Capitol Records. The damn thing went bazzardvark crazy. We were getting orders for…

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