The Inner Deamons We treasure.

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So with some reluctance and some strong nudging I revived after a ton of shit, my FakeBook Account. While I’m beginning to see that the all mighty Internet imploding upon itself. Mostly due to its own conceit and the inexperience of most of these Computer Tech gurus, that are hardly dry behind the ears. Lets face it, the more this Artificial Intelligence is shoved down my throat the more I want to hurl it back. Read earlier about how Amazon, and your grand Walmart is moving to AI, and robots. Saying it will increase productivity. Really? how many times have you seen a clerk, there at the Automatic check-outs having to help people, well , Check out? I can tell you this; There had better be some changes happen, or we’ll all be on some starship somewhere not having to do anything, while AI and robots will be doing it…

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