In the words of Barry Manilow, looks like we made it, well sort of.

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Why are you not a sleep you ask? Well there is a slight problem, that can pretty much be cured with about 4 bottles of bleach, a mop, and if I’m lucky they will all be dead. What I’m talking about, seams as though the grand Old Towne Lodge here in Twinky Flatts, has cockroatches so they have invaded my space. In doing so, they creep all over, knowledge gained via Google, says the little bastards do in fact bite and will consume flesh including human flesh, if they are hungry enough. So rather than be a side meal for the insects of death and being the dillweeds, hide in the light, I sleep when its daylight. But then I’ve always been a KnyteWolf any way. Been redesigning a ton of stuff, that I previously ignored, and if nothing goes sour, and Boss Hogg, don’t call an incomplete, well; the Hazzard County Gazzette, will launch in print some time mid year next year and this blog site will be reconstructed to being a real all over website, providing we find the female eye candy enough to make the site pop. 

Noticed from binging the Disney Channel, on TV that Dog with a Blog, amongst others is no more. What the hell happened to that show? It was great, well written with a plot that one could follow. From Girl Meets World, to Good Luck Charlie, Disney has pretty much axed the really good shows they were running. Why does a fully grown man follow the Disney Channel you ask.? Well see, KDXC during the Day, is an all out last of, Radio Disney Network station.  KSOA AM 1240 out of Evanston Wyoming will go that way as well. Why? Can’t find on air people that will park their ass in a studio chair for 6 or 12 hours, play music and give the effort some of their own personality. So why not automate. Turn on the board, open the network channel, and let the teen and tween jocks at Radio Disney, do the work. I roll in after 18:00 and run until 06:00. You’d think, that with these meth heads and all you could find a gal with moderately good looking features, to sit their butts in a studio chair, and roll out music, add personality, from humor to what grooves at their skool or in their lives, for a base wage of $20.00 an hour. Nope, can’t find one. So rather than fret over a bunch of stuck up feminitiles feminazi’s, that think their ass don’t stink to pull their heads out of that stink butt, and do radio. So weekdays we run Radio Disney, on weekends day parts we run Dixie Broadcasting. and the rest of the time its pretty much me. Who is way to tired of worrying about it any more. So to keep up the trends on Disney, I watch the Disney, Channel, shit the Disney Channel is about the only one on basic cable any more worth watching. Now then of the new shows on the Disney Channel that I have been binging on, one caught my eyes that could be the next big hit on Disney. It’s called Coop, and Cami, starring a sweet heart named Ruby Rose Turner, give her about 20 years and that little starlet, will be killing cinematic films, TV series and more, she is hot. Not looking at a 13 year old in lustful ways, but this Ruby is a great actor and terrific dancer. I think it took me hitting rock absolute rock bottom in Jerome, to realize that the only one to do the heavy lifting with this radio/media thing is me. So why not bring it to a boil and make money again with it. Do it one step at a time and rebuild in the image of all things Hazzard County as well as AyreWolf(Military aviation Radio) FM. Together makes HazzardAyre. I no longer care if she does or doesn’t any more I’m tired of begging. This Jenni I met on FB is okay and all, but outside of one young lady that I wish now I would have done something to keep her. But I remember this honey named Codi-Lee, that relocated all the way from Pheenix Arizona to Evanston Wyoming, and really worked the station, even though it was inside where I lived. I could go in my room get undressed close the door, and hit the rack while Codi, went on air, did her shift, without ever bothering me. I also remember Codi, being a tech geek, that fixed in one hour and just by doing a reset, on my mini laptop, what two computer shops , one that even sent it to some place in Utah, couldn’t. Dig this it even took that computer place next to Smiths in Evanstoon, near 3-1/2 months to fix my computer. Codi did it in one hour. Any mile its about to crack dawn here, so I’m hitting the rack , all things though now are pointing to ETown Wyoming and the re-fire of HazzardAyre there. Until later, 


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