So you think what I do is easy, try it with a limited budget and staff.

KTOW FM 105.7

So you think what I do is easy? Try doing it with a very reduced limited budget and a thin and small staff. 

Doing a good to excellent radio show takes hours of prep, There’s getting the music, then delving on the news, then combining that into a workable form to air. Then there’s the engineering, keeping equipment going. Then there’s all the administrative things from hiring to firing to promotional projects to attracting listeners of a radical, fight the system , anti-establishment attitudes, then there’s the big one, selling on air time, which in our case is the best deal any where, at a $100.00 a month, the advertisers get not only an on air voice ad, but their logo is placed on the site here, plus gets a 1/4 page ad in all our published, print newsletters. Likewise, being heard around the world online on our online platform…

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