Today was Sunday the prescribed day of rest, and so I did just that I rested.

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Today or most of it, was the Day the was called the day of rest, and so I did just that, I rested, considering the heavy week I have in front of me this week.

When I moved from Wendell Idaho a few months ago into this place, I never gave it a second thought of having to move out , much less get evicted. There is plenty of blame to go around. On my side, its my fault for being so gullible and allowing myself to get sucked into this trap, in the first place, but too Scott never said no to the money either. The claim no money has been paid is 100% bogus, outside of two months, one not PoohBear’s fault the other PoohBear holding back a few hundred, but still I thought between my money and that of what I had envisioned making from Employment from…

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