Maybe some folks should consider just living with Mama its cheaper that way.

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I knew I should have went to Church, today, but I stayed home, because the Vixen who wanted the place in our basement apartment said I will be over for sure, made 3 texts, all said yep I’ll be there, even one saying she had her kids, I said okay. Still no show. Finally called her she hung up, so if she wants it she best hurry up. Thing is she’s passing a good thing by. As if she rented it through the people I rent through the same place would cost her $600.00 a month, plus a deposit. And if I stay put, I still am the one that pays for the electricity. Just to move in here she’d have to pony up $1,200.00 on her own, through us, $400.00 and she’s in. Oh well. Her loss, as I’m near done with the whole damn thing, but I will…

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