Can we have an update on the GPS system Please?

KTOW FM 105.7

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So went to verify one our pages on Fakebook. The bastards at Fakebook says our address is a business address. Really? What the frack is it we’re doing here, is not our pages on Fakebook business related? Why should that matter? If your establishing a business account on Fakebook, should the location be well? At a business address? So then PoohBear started looking for my place. 209B North Lincoln in Jerome Idaho is a very tiny apartment sitting behind a shop its a basement apartment. Something tells me that a visit to both the landlords and city hall might be needed here, but thing is there’s an older apartment complex next to us, a spook doctor okay Chripractor on the other side, A title and loan company next to it. Behind me is a Church then another apartment complex. Apparently the goofballs looking into grid assignments at FakeBook, Google, even…

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